I've been using Zoom wrong.  

Ever since the start of lockdown, we've all been forced to do meetings, events, interviews, and just about everything else you can do online - from home. Because of this, the importance of a working webcam has moved up on the scale of must-haves.

My primary machine is a MacBook Pro, and while I am happy with its performance, I find it quite frustrating that I can't use any of those cool backgrounds on Zoom. I've tried fixing my lighting and making my meeting area brighter than usual, but I still get those weird spots that are honestly quite distracting.

Fast forward to the other week when I was sent a Rapoo C260 webcam

I don't need a webcam because I have a working built-in camera.

While that statement is true, it is also false. 

Anyone who wants to up their streaming game needs to consider getting a dedicated webcam. This one, in particular, shoots 1080p with a full high-definition lens that can adjust its frame rate and resolution according to available light. It also has a 95-degree super wide-angle lens for more viewing details. (Note to self: Hide more kalat. OMG.) 

The C260 also has a built-in omnidirectional microphone for crisper sound and does away with the need for a separate microphone.

Webcams are ugly, bulky, and doesn't go with my minimalist aesthetic.

Again, yes and no. 

The design of the Rapoo C260 is pretty streamlined. It is so streamlined that its box only contains the camera and a small Quick Start Guide. It is matte black all over and not at all bulky or distracting. It has a sturdy build and weighs less than 100 grams - hefty enough not to feel cheap. The camera can be mounted directly on top of most monitors with its ingenious clip that opens up to 180-degrees, or just as easily screwed on a tripod to get that perfect angle. The camera is connected to its mount by a ball adaptor and can rotate 360-degrees horizontally and can tilt up, down, and sideways to hold a particular angle.  

Non-techies will be happy to note that the Rapoo C260 is plug and play via USB and doesn't require any drivers. The most I had to do was identify which camera to use. The same was true when I plugged it in a Windows laptop and should be compatible with most current operating systems. 

So do I need a separate webcam?

If you have a working webcam and not particular how you look to your audience, then maybe no. But if you are in the market for one, the Rapoo C260 is definitely worth your bucks.

The Rapoo C260 retails for Php 1,350 and is available at the following stores: Complink Marketing, Cubed Technologies, Electroworld, Gaisano Interpace (Cebu), Gameboss PH Online, IT Ave. General Merch, Joneco Tech Marketing Corp.,  JuanManila Co., Laser Marketing (Baguio), Machine & Computerworld, Micro Access Computer Sales, Minderdotcom Trading, Nutech (Cebu), Octagon, Ormocnet, PC Corner, PC Express, PC Square, PC Worx, SECC Computer (Cebu), Silicon Valley, Computer Techmix Computers & Gadget, Techwarez Computer, Technomart, Thinking Tools (Cebu, Davao), Villman Computer, White Whale, WilsonAds, Xymbolic IT Solution Provider Corp.

Check out the other Rapoo products available in the Philippines at www.fb.com/RapooPhilippines