Over the last decade, passenger cars, crossovers, and SUVs have been the fastest-growing segments in the Philippine market. But like most sectors, the automotive industry was not spared from the pandemic’s consequences.

One silver lining to the pandemic is that the importance of mobility has been brought to the fore, and car ownership is predicted to rise globally. This is due to concerns of contagion when taking public transport and shared rides.

To ensure that vehicles receive top-quality care, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp. (Pilipinas Shell) signed a three-year partnership with Chery Auto Philippines to use Shell lubricants for after-sales maintenance in Chery’s service workshops.

Pilipinas Shell has always been dedicated to supplying premium, dependable, and economic vehicle engine oils to consumers around the country. Pandemic or not, our commitment hasn’t stopped and will only continue to grow as more people realize how critical mobility is to their everyday lives,” said Steve Quila, Vice President of Shell Lubricants at the partnership launch held November 11, 2020, at Clark, Pampanga. “We are honored to partner up with Chery Auto Philippines and are confident they can help us further our mission of supporting automobiles nationwide.

Chery Auto Philippines is under the ISO-certified United Asia Automotive Group, Inc. (UAAGI), one of the leading vehicle distributors in the Philippines with over 25 years of experience under its belt. “Similar to Pilipinas Shell’s vision of making premium fuels and services accessible to a diverse range of markets, we at Chery advocate for an ideal marketplace where each customer has access to practical, quality vehicles. We look forward to a fruitful partnership,” said Erroll Dueñas, VP for Customer Service from Chery Auto Philippines.

The partnership signing highlighted Shell Helix HX7 5W-40, the brand's premium multi-grade motor oil designed to help provide consistent engine performance. What makes it different from other lubricants is that it has Flexi Molecule Technology (FMT) that constantly adapts to boost protection specifically when the engine needs it the most.

The HX7 5W-40’s Flexi Molecule Technology is activated and forms protective barriers around the engine when two situations occur. First, during high-pressure situations like a race or in high-speed situations, the Flexi Molecules form a shield around metal contacts, e.g. the valve train, to protect the engine just when most of the oil is being squeezed out.

Second, high temperatures also trigger the HX7 5W-40’s Flexi Molecules which create that barrier in turbochargers to provide oxidation control.

One important thing to remember about the Flexi Molecules is that they do not act under low temperature or during low-pressure situations, such as a steady drive where the vehicle maintains an even pace. The technology saves its protection capabilities during the times that the vehicle needs it the most. The engine and its related parts receive 40% better protection from the Flexi Molecule Technology.

Chery is set to maximize these engine protection benefits by utilizing Shell Helix HX7 5W-40 exclusively in its preventive maintenance services (PMS). Chery offers one of the longest warranties in the market: a 10-year or 1 million kilometer engine warranty, 5-year general warranty, 3-year free PMS, and 3-year free roadside assistance. Starting this year and until 2023, Shell Helix HX7 5W-40 and more of Pilipinas Shell’s vehicle care products will be helping protect engines across Chery Auto Philippines’ 18 dealership locations nationwide.