Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) recently turned over a brand-new EXZ77N truck to logistics and transport services firm Neoji Trucking Services. The acquisition of its first EXZ77N truck added power, efficiency, versatility, and dependability to Neoji’s logistics portfolio, and will enable them to service large-scale partners.

During the turnover ceremony at Isuzu Cavite, Neoji officials announced they will be getting another brand-new EXZ77N truck this December.

The EXZ77N truck is perfectly adapted for today’s business, transport, and logistics climate. It is powered by a fuel-efficient 6UZ1-TCG50 engine and paired with a ZF16 speed multistage transmission. Developed under the Euro V Blue Power technology, the powertrain maximizes power and torque output without compromising fuel efficiency.

Designed for long-haul comfort, The EXZ77N is equipped with state-of-the-art convenience such as air suspension seats that were ergonomically designed for absolute driving comfort; instrument clusters with highly visible multi-information display for better drive monitoring; and a semi-round driver panel for driving ease and high-end interior ambiance.

The new E-Series trucks are equipped with the standard anti-lock brake system and wide multi-sectional side view mirrors offering wide-angle views of the driver and passenger sides. The wheel parking and trailer brakes are conveniently located at the driver's side for better reach and instant control.

IPC’s EXZ77N trucks are competitively priced and offer the best value-for-money over any other new or secondhand truck in the market today making it the brand of choice for today’s budget-conscious businesses.

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