In a simple ceremony held on January 15, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC), led by its President Hajime Koso, officially turned over an Isuzu Traviz lightweight truck fitted with a customized ambulance body to the Laguna Technopark Association Incorporated (LTAI). The ambulance was purchased by the association to add to its emergency operations inside the park. On the same day, IPC showed its support to LTAI by donating an Isuzu modern PUV, to help augment the association's daily operations shuttling its park employees and tenants.

In his speech, Koso lauded LTAI for its deep and genuine concern for its people, especially in the midst of a raging pandemic. “Times like these are indeed difficult as the crisis stretches on. That is why we need companies like LTAI that are willing to go above and beyond mere business by putting their employees and tenants first. IPC has vowed to provide support to such an organization with a heart for making other people’s welfare a priority,” Koso said.

2021 Isuzu Traviz LTA 01

(L to R): Haruyuki Kurihara, LTAI Governor & Vice President of Toshiba Eqpt. Phils., Inc.; Dave Yandoc, Isuzu Philippines Corp. (IPC), Assistant Vice President for Administration; Shojiro Sakoda, Isuzu Philippines Corp. (IPC), Executive Vice President: Hajime Koso, Isuzu Philippines Corp. (IPC) President; Masatoshi Sasaki – LTAI Vice-Chairman & President of Panasonic Manufacturing Phils., Corp.; Tetsuya Nakao – LTAI Treasurer & Vice President of Nidec Phils.; Delfin De Guzman – LTAI Governor & Senior Vice President of Honda Cars Phils., Inc.; Wellington Ong – LTAI Governor & President of Orient Goldcrest Realty.

Koso added that with these two additional units, the association would further enhance the level of service for its stakeholders. “IPC is delighted to help LTAI transport COVID-19 suspected patients to hospitals or any healthcare facilities. We firmly believe that these Isuzu PUV and Isuzu Traviz ambulance—with its renowned durability, comfort, and safety—would support your future operations in terms of providing swift, efficient, and unhampered transportation.

Aside from the Traviz Ambulance unit, LTAI is also set to purchase an Isuzu D-MAX pick-up within the year to be used as a security service unit.

IPC’s main office and manufacturing plant are located inside the Laguna Technopark Inc. (LTI). LTAI was established on October 24, 1991, to further increase harmonized business transactions and communication among the LTI locators by responsibly securing and maintaining the technology park’s common areas.

For more information about Isuzu in the Philippines, visit www.isuzuphil.com.