Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) recently announced its “One Day Paint Repair” program aimed at its customers who can't afford to part with their vehicles for long periods of time.

The One Day Paint Repair program provides a fast and reliable paint repair that may be finished within 24 hours. Depending on the damage and color of the vehicle, the vehicle may also be released within the same day, depending on the damage and color of the vehicle. This program utilizes a special technique to repair a specific spot with minor scratches or dent without removing the affected panel.

The One Day Paint Repair program is available at five (5) participating Honda Cars dealerships—namely, Honda Cars Quezon City (HCQC), Honda Cars Manila (HCMA), Honda Cars Cavite (HCCV), Honda Cars Tarlac (HCTA), and Honda Cars Pangasinan (HCPA).

To know more about the One Day Paint Repair program, and the latest HCPI news and promos, visit the nearest participating Honda Cars dealership, or access Honda Cars Philippines, Inc.’s virtual showroom via HCPI’s official website at www.hondaphil.com.