MG Philippines enters the new normal with the “MG Back on the Road” sales promo, offering competitive zero- or low down payment options, or a choice of generous cash discounts on select, brand-new, British-bred MG cars.

The “MG Back on the Road” promo brings clients one step closer to owning a ride which they can subject to their own personal standards when it comes to vehicle sanitization, hygiene practices, and social distancing.

Below is a full list of MG models with their respective low down payment and cash discount offers:

MG ZS 1.5 L MT Style 818,888.00  70,000.00  P 18,000.00
1.5 L AT Style 868,888.00  70,000.00 P‎ 25,000.00
1.5 L AT Style Plus 898,888.00  70,000.00 P ‎ 48,000.00
1.5 L AT Alpha 998,888.00  80,000.00 P ‎ 28,000.00
MG RX5 1.5 T AT Style 1,228,888.00  108,000.00 ZERO
1.5 T AT Alpha 1,298,888.00  45,000.00 P ‎ 88,000.00
MG 6 1.5 T 7TST Alpha 1,068,888.00  100,000.00 --
1.5 T 7TST Trophy 1,188,888.00  110,000.00 P ‎ 38,000.00
MG 5 1.5 L MT Core 658,888.00  35,000.00  --
1.5 L AT Core 718,888.00  35,000.00  --
1.5 L AT Style 848,888.00  83,000.00  ZERO
1.5 L AT Alpha 938,888.00  98,000.00  ZERO

Note: Cash discounts cannot be used in conjunction with the all-in, low down payment offers for the “MG Back on the Road” promo; only one or the other can be availed of, per unit, per purchase.

MG Online Garage Service Now Available

With the MG Online Garage Service, clients can now consult with accredited MG aftersales service professionals who can conduct remote vehicle diagnosis over video chat. This service allows MG Philippines’ aftersales professionals to make quick, informed opinions on vehicles, without requiring the client to physically go to a dealership.

The MG Online Garage is likewise a means for MG service professionals to assess whether or not a client is eligible for the MG Mobile Garage home service, where a certified MG technician will visit a client to do work on their vehicle right there in their garage. MG’s technicians are also trained to practice social distancing and practice safety and hygiene precautions even when making house calls and other such trips outside of dealerships.

For more information about MG in the Philippines, visit mgmotor.com.ph. To schedule a video consultation and vehicle diagnosis with the MG Online Garage Service, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., call the 24/7 MG hotline at (02) 5328-4664, or them a message via the My MG App.