Build Your Dreams (BYD), the number 1 electric vehicle manufacturer in the world, announces the presence of multi-layered electric transportation line-up in the Philippines. These include the BYD Skyrail, electric and hybrid cars, electric buses and Electric Forklifts. These make up the different layers of electrified transportation that BYD is making available to the Philippine Market.

BYD’s announcement started with the announcement of their partnership with the local governments of Iloilo and Bataan for the development of their Skyrail system.

BYD Philippines is bringing in the electric vehicle range through Solar Transport and Automotive Resources Corp. or STAR Corp., headed by Mark Andrew Tieng. The EV range includes the BYD Tang, a 7-seater Plug-in electric Hybrid executive SUV which has design lines that exude innovation with its curvy body and sharp headlights. It offers a range of 80km on pure EV mode. Electric Cars have ZERO Emission, ZERO noise, ZERO vibration and instant power no other gasoline or diesel engine can offer this experience. This revolutionary technology is supported by a 2L turbo gasoline engine that gives you the convenience of having an electric vehicle without the range anxiety. This combination also makes the vehicle very powerful as it gives the car a total power output of 505HP on Hybrid Electric Sport mode. It can also go from 0-100kms in less than 5 seconds. This plug-in Hybrid is a vehicle you can charge in your 220 sockets at home or at work allowing you to charge anywhere, anytime.

2018 byd launch

Another Interesting Feature of the Vehicle is V2L (Vehicle to Load) it allows you to use your vehicle’s battery as a power source when you are off the grid. BYD displayed several applications of this in their display where they powered a popcorn machine (like the one in the movies) and a coffee machine in a camping set-up.

The Pure electrics are also coming in this year with the BYD e5, a 5-seater sedan that has an electric range of 300kms on a single charge, with a maximum speed of 130km/h. The e6, another vehicle in BYD’s electric range is not new to the Philippines. It has in fact been plying the roads of Metro Manila for the past 3 years. Its 2018 model is capable of running an electric range of 400kms on a single charge and has a maximum speed of 140km/h.

2018 byd electric forklift

STAR Corp is also handling distribution of BYD’s Material Handling Equipment. They are powered by the same battery technology that is making BYD the No. 1 EV Manufacturer in the world from 2015-2017. This Lithium Ion Iron Phosphate Battery offers a long lifespan of 4,000cycles equivalent to about 10 years. It is maintenance free and requires up to 2 hours of charging. It offers savings in operational cost of about 80% compared to diesel and 50% compared to other lead-acid electric forklifts has been recorded. This revolutionary material handling line-up has been shaking the material handling industry in other parts of the globe because it is taking operational efficiency up to a different level, a testament to BYD’s goal to provide its customers with the best advancements available in technology.

For more details call STAR Corp. at 632-5338888 or log on to www.byd.com.ph.