There is no denying that this pandemic had changed the way we live. While it negatively affected many businesses, e-commerce has flourished. And because online shopping is no longer a luxury, there is an increase in demand for delivery services.

Project Move Inc. started planning the business model of Amigo in December 2019 and spent the entire 2020 fine-tuning operations and ensuring scalability for business sustainability. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses, consumers, and riders, provided further insights on how Amigo’s services can be further optimized. It also inspired them to fast track planning, development, and its launch.

We are lucky to have the support of the Siy Cha Group of Companies and their well-experienced management team, who have been in the motorcycle retail business for more than 30 years now. Leveraging on our industry expertise, we saw launching Amigo as a way to serve our fellow Filipinos and create a lasting positive impact on society by introducing a reliable delivery service for consumers, riders, and merchants,” shared Kimberly Siy, Founder and Managing Director of Amigo.

Amigo was inspired by the hard work that countless Filipinos put in every day, and it was established so that we can do our part and extend a helping hand to all of our stakeholders. Amigo is more than just a business for us -- we want it to be a reliable partner who goes the extra mile for Filipinos,” said Matthew Siy Cha, Founder and President of Amigo.

Customer convenience is a top priority for Amigo, with its fair pricing, easy-to-use app, flexible booking times, and the option for both cash and cashless transactions. Customers can opt for COD, credit/debit card, and even their PayMaya account.

Amigo offers real-time tracking of riders and a security code feature to ensure packages arrive at the right locations and to the right people. Real-tie communication with riders or a customer service agent is made possible via Amigo Chat where locations and images can be sent all within the Amigo app.

Likewise, Ka-Amigo Merchants share the same services as customers with special promos and pricing, weekly analytics reports, and a dedicated account manager who will facilitate and cater to their needs.

To take care of their riders, Amigo makes sure that all Ka-Amigo riders always feel empowered. With the Amigo Wallet feature, non-cash earnings are received in real-time after every delivery, with no processing time. With the integration of PayMaya, riders can conveniently do online top-ups and withdraw cash easily, straight from their Amigo Wallet. Riders also have direct access to AmiGoals, which is Amigo’s incentive programs and leaderboards to help them gain extra earnings, stay competitive, and always motivated.

Delivery isn’t a one-way street, and through Amigo, we want to create a harmonious delivery experience for everyone involved. Whether they’re busy customers looking for convenience, hard-working businesses looking for a reliable logistics partner, or partner riders looking for new opportunities, Amigo is here to take Filipinos further as they journey through 2021 and beyond,” said Siy Cha.

The Amigo app is scheduled to launch on February 1, 2021, on both the Apple App store and Google Play store. To start the year right, customers can use the promo code BAGONGAMIGO to get Php50 off their first Amigo booking. This promo is valid from February 1 - 28, 2021, and is applicable to deliveries made within Metro Manila. For more information, visit www.goamigo.ph or @goamigo.ph on Facebook.