Much has been said about the New Normal and how companies have been coping. Nissan has been quick on its feet with pushing forward, picking up where they left off, pre-pandemic. The announcement of the company's logo change, while already in the offing, was made more meaningful as it signaled the brand's pivoting from being just a traditional vehicle manufacturer into a mobility and services provider.

2020 Nissan RB Nissan Brand Logo Sketch

New face

Nissan's new brand logo is lighter, thinner, more flexible, and refined, modern. Inspired by the brand's advances in science, technology, and connectivity, the logo is new but still feels familiar because it is still strongly rooted in its rich heritage and tradition of innovation. It conveys Nissan's pioneering efforts in electrification, driver assistance, and digital connectivity, and shows the brand's commitment to its customers, employees, and society.

The new logo first appeared on the all-new all-electric Ariya that shared its launch date in mid-July.

2020 Nissan RB Dealership Illustration 2

New phase

As part of its business continuity in the time of COVID, Nissan continues to focus on improving the customer experience while maintaining the protocols set by the government for customer and employees' safety.

Part of these efforts was the strengthening of the brand's digital presence, and figuring out how to make the digital experience as close as possible to a face-to-face visit, without compromising the quality of the service. This challenge was addressed with the introduction of its virtual showroom -- a first in the Asia & Oceania region. 

Nissan is dedicated to shaping an innovative, human-centric future for the Philippines. The launch of the first virtual showroom in the region for Nissan is a strong example that we consistently innovate to benefit the customer journey, especially in the face of challenges such as the pandemic,” says President and Managing Director for Nissan in the Philippines Atsushi Najima. 

The virtual showroom accessed via www.nissan.ph allows customers a 360-degree view of both the virtual space and the current vehicle lineup simulating the experience inside brick and mortar dealerships. Each vehicle is properly labeled and has multiple hover boxes to reveal key features. Links to each vehicle's microsite is also available for easy access. Using this portal, customers can "walk" around each vehicle and "get inside" the cabin. The only thing missing is the tactile experience of actually sitting behind the wheel and touching the materials and of course, that new-car scent that is quite addicting. The addition of the 360-degree view component is the first for the brand to launch globally.

Sep 15, 2020

Nissan Virtual Showroom



Check out Nissan's virtual showroom at www.nissan.ph


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Although the car-buying process in the country still requires a dealership visit or two, rest assured that Nissan's protocols involve the best practices when handling its vehicles. This starts from the moment customers plan to purchase a car. From the virtual showroom experience to the minimized and scheduled dealership visits, NIM (Nissan Intelligent Mobility) technology in the vehicles, and all the way to after-sales service with the current safety protocols at the dealerships including Service On Wheels. 

Dare the impossible until it's not - that is how you push the boundaries of innovation.

For more information about Nissan in the Philippines, visit www.nissan.ph.

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